Manufactured Homes

Manufactured Homes

Manufactured Homes Benefits!

A manufactured home feels and looks like the usual suspects; site built homes and realty tests have shown that most people interested in the purchase of a manufactured home could not tell the difference between a manufactured home side-by-side with a stick-built home. That's how carefully constructed they are. Oh, and more item of interest would be the cost which is far less. Here's the deal, folks. Manufactured homes are constructed in a climate-controlled environment with the best building materials money can buy. Material to build a stick-built home are left standing outdoors come rain, shine or snow usually only covered with a huge tarp. In other words, with a manufactured home weather is never a factor.

What About Manufactured Home Quality?

Well, in the past several decades, due to the affordability of manufactured homes there have been numerous advances in the technology. Ergo, the pre-conceived idea that these type of homes look like a box and are just, well, plain. However, any person with common sense only needs to take a new, fresh look and upgrade your thinking. Once one of these manufactured homes has been built and transferred to the site where the home is placed, after a certain time period, owners of the home would see the same appreciation ratio the same as other homes in the neighborhood.

Note: It should be pointed out here that a manufactured home is more energy efficient than the usual site-built home. It's also a fact that a manufactured home these days can save the homeowner thousands of dollars in energy bills. Years ago financing a new manufactured homes was met with raised eyebrows from many lenders. Fortunately, that is no longer the case. Major lenders like banks have seen the light and jumped on the "okay" bandwagon.